S.W.A.T vac

That's right - I now have two weeks until my first exam, and no uni until then :D I've promised myself no study for the next few days, giving myself the chance to catch up on sleep, guitar and programming. To everyone else with exams or essays due over the next few weeks...goodluck!
In other news, thanks for everyone who's listening to my songs - Final Goodbye is now up to #591 in the soundclick charts. I've also had an email about people who want to use a song on a CD, but I have a feeling it's just Spam :p To keep you interested though, my cover of My Immortal is now up, and over the next few days I might improve any of the songs that are on there, or if I'm really bored I'll try to write another :)
Until then, i'll be trying to get a TAG-boardish type engine going, once I can figure out how to do certain things.
Also new is another contender in the monkey picture competition:


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