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Side Projects

One question that often comes up at when chatting with other programmers I've met since moving to Vancouver is: "What are you working on?". The vast majority of people seem to have side projects that they work on even if employed full time, and it's a convenient conversation starter - one of the reasons I switched to being a student was having more cycles to pursue these types of projects, so it seemed worthwhile documenting what I've been up to - either just for information, or also hopefully there's some interest overlap with others looking for projects. So, ordered roughly on how useful they are:

Line Tracker (
I've always tracked my budgets (how much I'm spending, how much I have saved, and where it's stored) but the spreadsheet I was using grew out of hand when I started work (new bank accounts, super, and $US shares) and even more when I changed country, so I wanted to automate it. You create 'lines', …