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As promised, some pictures from my recent trip to Mountain View (MtV), California.
First off, a picture of what most of MtV looks like - I went for a long walk the second weekend I was there, and for about 2 or 3 hours, the entire trip looked like this:

Why would I walk for 3 hours, you say? Well, I needed the exercise (you don't get much in California, and with the food they serve, I feel I must have gained some weight...), but also guitars are much cheaper over there, I managed to pick up this! (A seven-string Ibanez 7321, have meant to get one for such a long time, finally I have one, and a coffin-shaped case to keep it in, which was fun getting through customs...)

Next up, what better to do with a group of programmers in the hub of Silicon Valley than visit all the geeky tech places, starting with NASA Ames:
As well as Apple headquarters:
and nVidia (plus yahoo, Xerox, facebook and a few others not pictured):
Nearby to work is also a tech museum, with a bunch things important in the…

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Firstly, I apologise for the lack of images - I've been unable to get my photos from my phone onto the work laptop I'm using here in the states, so the images will have to wait until I get back to Sydney before appearing here (but rest assured, they'll get here!)

Secondly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emily, Gran and Dad for their respective birthdays on the 3rd, 7th and 9th this month - I'm sorry that I couldn't be in Adelaide for the weekend, but I hope it was fun!

Now, to update you all on how the last few weeks have gone - it's been crazy but amazing! So, I arrived in the US on Friday 22nd, and by that afternoon (US time, so effectively saturday morning) I was at the Googleplex! But not just at the Googleplex, I was actually setting up a machine, and within a few hours, writing code at the Googleplex. This trend continued into friday night, then started again for most of Saturday, Sunday and Monday - it was rather surreal, a bunch of us in a small visitors' area, ma…