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New research proves that thing you agree with!

I'm assuming readers know what Facebook is (or, social media) - if you don't, this probably won't be interesting. For those that do, you may have recognized that when you click to read a shared article, underneath will appear similar articles you may also be interested in. The idea for this post came about after doing just that, and the following was the result:
It's probably trick to read at that size, so to summarize: The original link was a Jezebel article about research published in September 2014 in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, where they quote the abstract: "On a daily basis, when people felt more insecure about their partner's feelings, they tended to make their relationships visible".The first suggested link was from HuffPo about research published in July 2013 in Social Psychological and Personality Science. It doesn't quote the abstract but summarizes it, including how the study "found that participants were more likely to…

Internationally taxing

I've advocated a number of times (e.g. this post) the benefit of analysing an issue by considering multiple viewpoints, and have been annoyed how so few articles do so (i.e. I don't trust anyone's analysis if they can't name a few reasons why those who disagree could/should do so...). Time to try living up to my own standards.
The topic? Something that has come up a lot in Australia at least, which is the taxation of multinational internet-economy-based corporations (MNC). Full disclaimer: I used to work at one, but was in no way involved in the financial/political side. I no longer work there, and the views contained here were mine beforehand too, and not based on any knowledge internally.
To start, a brief summary: The internet is widely used in Australia (like most of the western world) and there are a number of companies founded internationally who profit from selling products or services to people in Australia. In discussions for the recent budget, the Australian …