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And now for something completely different:
We bring you to the apartment of Rob Stongetti, a man who claims to have created the world's first good looking myspace profile. To tell us about his acheivement, we__

Hold on a second! That's not completely different.

I BEG your pardon?!

You just then said that something completely different would appear.

Yes? You've just witnessed a segue from a lady attacking a Starbucks with a novelty pencil, to you, a man with a command of web-page constitution, I'm sorry if my non-sequitur meter is broken.

Can't you see? Both plot the tale of an eccentric protagonist, relying on the viewer's humour to provide a strange commentary on modern day capitalsim....and neither featured a red porcupine named Roger.

...Who are you? The King of comparative literature?

*whooosh* DID SOMEONE CALL????

What noooooooow?

You shall bow in my presence, for I, Hunter Codswallop, am the King of comparative literature.

Oh my, I don't believe this. You can&#…