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Watching Halloween Resurrection at 1am...maybe that was a bad idea. But i can't stop, because then I don't get to see the ending, and Michael might still be out there!...nah, never really been much of a sucker for horror movies - I like them though, if only to see the reactions of the people I see them with. This one, I'm alone though, so I don't really know why I'm watching.
And now there's a big-ish spider crawling across the floor...its a sign! :p Gotta wonder though, why does the killer always walk slowly? If they ran at their target, it'd increase their chances, surely :S
Anyway, it seems my cover of 'My Immortal' has been listened to 970 times, which means that in a week it should hit the 1000 mark! Wow...Boulevard of Broken dreams is on 900, and catching up quick too...I wonder which'll get there first...
On another musical note (pun intended, sorry), iTunes has opened up in Australia. not a big deal, because:
1) I don't have an iPod, and…

Finely Strung

There comes a time in a person's life when they sit down and think..."gee, it's about time I changed the strings on my guitar". This very thought has crossed my mind a few times, and so finally I got around to doing something about it. Yep, I got new strings! However, for those people who decide to do a similar thing, I think I should post my experiences, to save you from repeating my problems. So here goes:
Wear gloves. Or, at least some type of finger protection. Or, keep your fingers well away from the ends of the strings (this last bit might be hard, especially as you're changing them...). Anyway, the guitar strings that I and many guitars use are Steel, coated with Nickel, and pointy at the end => Useful if you want a syringe, but be careful.If the strings aren't coming out, don't take a screwdriver to your guitar and take it apart, hoping to find out what's wrong. This could lead to lost screws and a screwed guitar - luckily, i managed to miss…


Exams soon? And so, procrastination season begins. Just a quick message for those who are looking for good procrastination sites, a few arty ones i've found: -Combines a personality test with drawing a pig. The question now big was the tail? -A very cleverly done site which lets you draw pictures, then watch as the paint and brushes are animated to redraw the art. Some of the artwork there, if you look through enough, is simply amazing; reconstructions of Van Gogh!
Finally, keep an eye on - coming soon!

Eye Spy

When one catches buses every day during school holidays, and sits near young children playing eye-spy as often as I have, eventually one picks up some interesting ways to play, including these two pearls:
"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'l'"...-lots of incorrect guesses go here-..."We give up, what is it??"...."It's 'little'! My turn again". - Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but most people can't see sizes. Maybe this was some genetically engineered human superhero-vision that enabled her to see 'little', but if that was the case I would've thought she should be banned from playing due to an unfair advantage. Which makes me wonder...I wonder if Superman was the king of eye-spy when he was young...."I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'H'"...-lots of incorrect guesses go here-..."We give up, what is it??"..."It's 'Hungry Jacks!"..."But…

Tee Kay & the Teapot

For those who don't know (which included me until a week ago), there's a free web hosting place called Dot TK. The main difference between them and any other service is that they don't actually host anything, they just give you a free domain name that you can get to redirect to your other website (works with email redirection too :D ).
So, to cut a long story short, I've recently commandeered a .tk website for the blog service. Everything is now available through which will hopefully be much easier to remember...however, to keep my ownership of that site, it has to be viewed a certain # times every month, so if possible I'd recommend using the .tk site instead of the webpal one, so that can be kept. In addition, I will soon be updating that site (i'm thinking...procrastination time during exams), and you can also reach me at or even :)
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