Watching Halloween Resurrection at 1am...maybe that was a bad idea. But i can't stop, because then I don't get to see the ending, and Michael might still be out there!...nah, never really been much of a sucker for horror movies - I like them though, if only to see the reactions of the people I see them with. This one, I'm alone though, so I don't really know why I'm watching.
And now there's a big-ish spider crawling across the floor...its a sign! :p Gotta wonder though, why does the killer always walk slowly? If they ran at their target, it'd increase their chances, surely :S
Anyway, it seems my cover of 'My Immortal' has been listened to 970 times, which means that in a week it should hit the 1000 mark! Wow...Boulevard of Broken dreams is on 900, and catching up quick too...I wonder which'll get there first...
On another musical note (pun intended, sorry), iTunes has opened up in Australia. not a big deal, because:
1) I don't have an iPod, and don't want to buy songs from their site ($1.69? give me a break).
2) THEY DON'T HAVE FASTBALL!! lost all of the little respect I had for apple. Bigpond don't have it eiterh, so I'm out of luck! :'(
I should try to get to sleep before my battery runs out...night!


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