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Firstly, fewer than 500,000 people watched Eurovision! tsk, to all those ppl who were watching the mining disaster interview, you don't know what you missed :p ...but, if you want to find out, I now have the CD :) - On the topic of music, here's the answers from the earlier quiz (sorry for when the songs temporarily disappeared :p)

ONE POINT (easier)
4. 'Love, just don't stare', he used to say to me, every Sunday morning (Dream Theater, Awake)
6. You held my hand and walked me home, I know (Avril Lavigne, Don't Tell me)
8. Lord unchain my hands - let me sing inside the crowded trams. (The Cat Empire, The Crowd)
1. And I'd give up forever to touch you - Iris, Goo Goo dolls (Bodie)
2. I looked away, then I looked back at you. - Avril Lavigne, Fall to Pieces (JAmes)
3. So we've put an end to it this time. I'm no longer yours, and you're no longer mine. - Missy Higgins, Ten Days (Jack)
5. Hast Du etwas Zeit fuer mich, Dann singe ich ein Lied fuer Dich - N…


It's that time of year again! Eurovision finals are being televised, anyone who's not doing anything - I recommend you watch them! Sure, the songs aren't great, the bands aren't great, the dancing is appalling...but, it's Eurovision, what other reasons do you need? Although I already know who wins {curse you, MSN messenger, having it in the news thing before it's televised!}, after watching the semi it's certainly worth it :)
In addition - yesterday, I was watching a game where one team was trying to minimise the possession of the other, by utilising open spaces and passing it around the back to free players, slowly pushing forwards and taking opportunities in advancing by using precision passes. Sounds like (real) football, right? Well, the suprise was, it was AFL! Richmond v Adelaide, the former winning using the (real) football-style tactics to beat a team that was considered unbeatable in that match :p - it was certainly a change from the usual kick-long…

Remember, remember...

A few quick updates:
1) The person I sort-of knew was the first out of Big Brother :p (hopefully this means the rest of my family will stop watching it...)
2) Blog Watcher has hit 5000 page loads! And they're not all me! -thanks to all the members - now uni has slowed down, I might be updating it again
3) TopCoder open has just finished, congrats to Petr (algo), Pops (design) & sindu (devel). I also got asked to do a design (yes, they *asked* me personally :D) and was one of two submitters, so fingers crossed i score over 75.
4) Happy 21st to Tom! I'm not sure when the actual day is, but the night was fun :)
Now, for your literary pleasure, see if you recognise this:
"This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is it vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished, as the once vital voice of the verisimilitude now venerates what they once vilified. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin …

Today Tonight Delight

looks like my vow to post a better summary won't be followed up, sorry - needless to say, it was fun, but *very* busy, and for most, I feel hearing about me hitting a keyboard won't be all that interesting ;)
Anyhow, I'm taking this opportunity to call Today Tonight out on one of its (many) bad stories, not only was this not news-worthy, it was a shameless self-promotion, and a good example why I don't watch it - except when someone says: "look at this stupid story", which is how I found myself watching it today.
To set the scene, TT were reporting on their wonderful 10c-per-litre discount they gave in conjunction with a two local petrol stations (i.e. not run by the "Big Corporations" - like Shell, BP, Mobil...). As it happens, TT advertised this fact on their show earlier last week, to make sure many people turned up to take advantage of the offers. Many people did (of course they did, it's about a 9% saving!) which, apparently, shows how hard …