It's that time of year again! Eurovision finals are being televised, anyone who's not doing anything - I recommend you watch them! Sure, the songs aren't great, the bands aren't great, the dancing is appalling...but, it's Eurovision, what other reasons do you need? Although I already know who wins {curse you, MSN messenger, having it in the news thing before it's televised!}, after watching the semi it's certainly worth it :)
In addition - yesterday, I was watching a game where one team was trying to minimise the possession of the other, by utilising open spaces and passing it around the back to free players, slowly pushing forwards and taking opportunities in advancing by using precision passes. Sounds like (real) football, right? Well, the suprise was, it was AFL! Richmond v Adelaide, the former winning using the (real) football-style tactics to beat a team that was considered unbeatable in that match :p - it was certainly a change from the usual kick-long-down-the-middle-and-hope tactic, or the other strategy of kick-long-down-the-sides-and-hope, and much better to watch than the everyone-piles-onto-the-ball-before-kicking-it-long-and-hoping that is usually used. Who knows, I might even start watching AFL again if it keeps up. (note: it won't, people like Graham Cornes etc. will hate it and the rules would be changed before that happened :( )
Anyway, tonight is Eurovision night, I'll post about my Google trip soon, as well as answers to those songs - so, if you know any more, now's the time to TAG the answer.


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