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First post for '08 - before rant, quick summary: Music / Reading = going well, Work/Coding = not so fun, but earning enough to take a long break soon :D Uni's looking like it'll be good.

Anyhow, I'm up to book VI in Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and just attended a (very awesome) Dream Theater concert, so enjoying the creativity in this world when I noticed something odd. At work, I was looking at how to add multi-language support into an installer (as you do), so googled "I18N Setup Project". Here's a summary of what I found:
1) A thread on a forum eggheadcafe by Norman Diamond: "My C# code is I18N'ed by appropriately naming and editing .resx files. At execution time, it works. ...(snip)", with a response by "Johannes Passing" and a final comment by Norman again.
2) A thread on google groups with the same question by Norman, answered on a different page
3) A thread on from a discussion in 'microsoft.public.d…