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Buggy MSN

So, recently I've been doing some work reviewing program designs, i.e. finding bugs, recommending areas for improvement. I think someone should do that to MSN:

I must admit, at least they have the irony of putting them for the thinking smiley and the eyes-rolling smiley.

Inverse Darwinism

One of the ideas behind Survival of the fittest is that the 'stronger' members of a species will reproduce more, so their stronger genes will appear more and help assist the survival of a species. The problem is however, what happens when you reach a point that the 'strong' properties aren't useful any more. Who needs a spear thrower these days? The importance of a fit, baby-carrying body is reduced substantially when modern medicine helps you stay alive. Either way, one would think that this could then lead to development of mental, rather than physical, abilities.Unfortunately, this is not the case - while it is socially expected that people will try to look their best (c.f: Shows like the Biggest Loser), it is not expected that people will think their best. In fact - thanks to our friends drugs and alcohol, it is socially expected that people will become LESS intelligent when interacting with others.Anyway, here's a maths interpretation of some possible reas…

Sign of the times

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