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This is not a blog post

Recently, an early painting by Monet was sold for $80 million, not bad for something that was bought in 1971 for $320,000 and hasn't been seen much since. The worth apparently comes from it being an example of what he'd later work on, so the moral of the story seems to be: If you think you're going to become famous, don't throw anything out...

Anyway, thinking about art and walking through uni, I noticed Magritte had come to Adelaide:
(for those who don't get the reference, check out The Treachery of Images)

Otherwise, no new music due to exams, and skiing for 2 weeks soon, but afterwards I'll start some predictions posts - and maybe, due to being very un-impressed with what is playing on the radio these days, actually do the song-in-a-day/week project to see what comes out of it.