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Application architecture predictions

I'm still trying to keep up with web / app technology, and every now and again something comes up and I think: "Ooh, that seems like what I was trying to do with Project Ion" (my old experimental project, mostly dead). I figured it was worth to document these so I can see how many ideas in it eventually make it into general use, and what to work on next. So, to summarize the main ideas:

1) Reactive data-binding UI
Status: Many popular libraries (react, angular, knockout, polymer, ...)
This was the biggest divergence at the time, but is now pretty much everyone. It's always a pain updating you view once your model changes, making sure all the constraints still hold, so a declarative UI that binds things tends to be a clear improvement. The idea has been around for a while now, and it's nice to see that its popularity for application development has increased.

2) Observable live data model
Status: Implemented in Firebase, share.js
Not surprisingly, this idea (as with m…