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back to uni, time to get lazy

Firstly, a warning: PatFute has a memory leak that takes up about 2Mb RAM per sec...i.e if you don't have much free ram, don't play it. I will be trying to track down the source of the leak, and a fixed version will hopefully be updated soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Anyway, sorry for the delay, been extremely busy. However, this has been rewarded with receiving my first cheque from TopCoder, and then winning another $400 :) There was a money SRM on this week, but due to technical overload and other problems, it was postponed to Sunday morning at 1:30am...should be interesting :p Kinda lucky actually, as I was doing rather badly when they decided to cancel it, but i guess that was partly due to the fact that it didn't let me compile, then logged me out part-way through and refused to let me back in.
That's right, Uni goes back next week....finally a chance to get some rest :p I dropped all my classes and reenrolled so I could get a better looking timetable - only sta…

Rent-a-monkey-guitarist is operational!

As the title suggests, the rent-a-monkey-guitarist business is operational, with phase 1 complete.
I call this phase: "Commitment Bells", cos that's the song that was recodered ;)
Anyway, to those who requested it (and anyone else interested), its up at my soundclick site. Link on the right -->
However, looks like Soundclick is going to start making you pay for cover versions, so might have to find a new hosting place soon....
In programming news, week 2 of the TopCoder CDDC is over, and I actually managed to submit this week...only thing is, so did 4 others for the component i was working on. One of those is highly rated, and the other 3 are all first-timers, so it should be interesting...tune in next week for the results. Until then, there's week 3 work to think about. There's one really good designer, and noone has submitted the same component he's worked on yet, so maybe I'll try that in an effort to get a near-guarenteed 2nd place...hey, it's wort…

Done! Welcome to the 3D world of 'soccer'

Just a really quick message to say that my attempt at building an entire 3D game in a week was great fun, very enjoyable and extremely exhausting's done! That's right, PatFute3D is ready!!
Well, there are only two teams and two stadiums, but they're really easy to create, trust me :)
Post on the TAG board if you are having any trouble, or encounter any bugs (check the crash.txt file).
Oh, and what i've learnt from watching the Tour De France is that guy's should *not* wear lycra...nuf said.

Holiday time :)

Finally, exams are over!
Though, does anyone else get the feeling that holidays are more busy than during uni semester?
Anyway, as you can guess, times are a-busy round here....mostly due to my sudden urge to try and write a 3D game in one's almost done, and might be finished by the 7th...stay tuned :)
The TopCoder 5-week design competition has also started this week...i'll probably miss submitting this week, due to the amount of stuff I've got on, but after this wednesday it should be ok.
Sorry for the break in updates, exams does that to you, but now they're over I should be able to write some more. What's more scary is that results have started coming out already...maths is already up at uni (though, not updated on access adelaide until about 4-7 days time...strange delay, but it's uni, they always have strange delays).
To keep you updated on my music, after this week i hope to add more as a thankyou to everyone who's listened to any of the songs...…