Holiday time :)

Finally, exams are over!
Though, does anyone else get the feeling that holidays are more busy than during uni semester?
Anyway, as you can guess, times are a-busy round here....mostly due to my sudden urge to try and write a 3D game in one's almost done, and might be finished by the 7th...stay tuned :)
The TopCoder 5-week design competition has also started this week...i'll probably miss submitting this week, due to the amount of stuff I've got on, but after this wednesday it should be ok.
Sorry for the break in updates, exams does that to you, but now they're over I should be able to write some more. What's more scary is that results have started coming out already...maths is already up at uni (though, not updated on access adelaide until about 4-7 days time...strange delay, but it's uni, they always have strange delays).
To keep you updated on my music, after this week i hope to add more as a thankyou to everyone who's listened to any of the cover of Immortal just keeps being listened to...60 times in the last 3 days, and none of them were me ;) So now it's up to #32 in the acoustic guitar chart, and #85 in the general acoustic chart, so looks like it's reached that critical level where random people will star listening to it and keep it there :)
Going to see the school's production of West Side Story on Wednesday...should be interesting, tis a pity that everyone else seems to be going on tuesday :p. ah well, looking forwards to real, played-on-grass soccer on thursday.
Til then, its coding overload, sleeping, and waiting for results...
I'll leave you with a line of code from my game-in-progress, which I have been trying to make as user-friendly as possible, kinda like research on what works well, so I can make the pool game even better. This is the line which, after reading some data from a text file (such as "ball friction = 0.95"), sets the friction of the game's ball:
m_Ball.setFriction(m_FileReader.Get("ball friction"));

see? C++ can be readable!


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