back to uni, time to get lazy

Firstly, a warning: PatFute has a memory leak that takes up about 2Mb RAM per sec...i.e if you don't have much free ram, don't play it. I will be trying to track down the source of the leak, and a fixed version will hopefully be updated soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Anyway, sorry for the delay, been extremely busy. However, this has been rewarded with receiving my first cheque from TopCoder, and then winning another $400 :) There was a money SRM on this week, but due to technical overload and other problems, it was postponed to Sunday morning at 1:30am...should be interesting :p Kinda lucky actually, as I was doing rather badly when they decided to cancel it, but i guess that was partly due to the fact that it didn't let me compile, then logged me out part-way through and refused to let me back in.
That's right, Uni goes back next week....finally a chance to get some rest :p I dropped all my classes and reenrolled so I could get a better looking timetable - only start at 10 one day, the rest at 11 or later! I also managed to convince them to let me do another 2nd year subject, so looks like by the end of this year i'll have 4 units for next year and might be able to get away with no maths lessons in 2006, yet still do a maths major as well as a CS one, which would be nice.
Indoor soccer semi tonight...lest hope everything goes ok, and our streak against our opponents continues...


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