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Kindling #1

This post is from a series of review posts - for the whole list, see my Kindling page.

My posts of late have mostly been about cities around the world, and I have one coming up about Australian cities, but I thought I'd take a temporary break from that to update you on what I've been doing most recently - reading. I have a few friends that are bibliophiles, but since high-school, during my Maths/CS degree and the first few years of work, I slowed to almost nothing read.

...but then I discovered e-books! More at the end, but in short, I was using Apple's reader on my original iPad for a friend's fanfic and some old scifi classics; Sadly that was stolen, but after realising that's mostly what I used it for (plus Tiny Wings and Angry Birds), I opted for a Kindle instead, and am now 14 books through, averaging probably 30min-1hr each day! So without further ado, because it's what bloggers do (it seems) and because it might help someone, some time, who is stuck pick…

Comment Away!

For those who hadn't heard, Blogger recently launched the feature I'd been working on for the last few months - threaded commenting:

This post is mostly just a call to everyone reading to comment more on blogs - Blog authors like it when they get (non-spam) comments, and commenters get to engage with the author and hopefully discuss with someone who shares an interest. More on this later, but first I have to say, a big thankyou to our users; for both their patience in getting this feature, and the positive reaction to it. What do I mean by the latter? I was a bit of a social-network junkie after launch, searching for reactions, and so throughout this post the images I'm using will be screen-shots of a choice few (click to enlarge):

*Squeee* I love reading feedback like this, and just want to keep doing stuff people will like! My hope all along was to give people what they wanted - including me! As a long-t…

An existence conundrum...

(Sydney, looking at the CBD and bridge, with some effects added to the image).

I've been using Google+ more recently - e.g. see my profile here; which may explain why the already-slow output of posts has gotten even slower. Then I was looking through various sections of our Blog UI and realised that (a) I'm getting enough views of the posts here to make it worth posting stuff, and (b) There are enough readers / followers that might not read G+ that I feel I should add things here too. So I've added the followers widget to my blog ( check over on the right there >> ) and decided to cross-post interesting G+ posts, starting with this:
Here's a thought puzzle....where's the error?
1) There are many many species in the universe, some much more advanced than us, some less. 2) It's possible for an advanced enough species to make a technology that destroys all species in the universe. 3) Any technology will eventually be used for a malicious purpose.
If they're al…