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(Note: not about travel this week! I've mostly just been in Zurich...)

In the news a while ago, a number of issues had come up which led to people blaming media coverage for inciting violence / propogating stereotypes. This led me to wonder to what extent the media actually had control over this sort of stuff, and how much as a business they just reflected the views of their news-article consumers as a whole. While I haven't made it any further on this issue (the average public opinion seems to be 'blame the media!' which isn't very helpful...), I did recently read a short piece in the TED books range** called "Media Makeover" by Alisa Miller (CEO of Public Radio International) which had a few interesting takes on things which seemed worth adding for anyone interested.

The most interesting part I found concerning my question above is quite a simple idea: How much is written about stuff that readers want to read? If the correlation was low, then that's…