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I'll be in LV for the next week (competing, see here for info, and there'll even be a live webcast of the final here) then Skiing for the week after. If you want to reach me (for some strange reason) I should be checking phone / email occasionally, but apologies in advance for any delays. I'm taking a camera (odd for me, I know) so hopefully will have some pictures to put here later. Adios, until then.

Give me credit!

Vocabulary changes with the each generation. Credit used to be something given when it was due - a reward, bestowed on those who worked hard for it. Inventors were given credit for their findings, artists recognised 'to their credit'. Times have changed however - the age of Credit is upon us, though this is not nearly as appealing as its previous meaning.
No, this Credit is the opposite - 'money borrowed with the understanding that it will be repaid'. Often value given before it has been earned, the popularity behind credit cards has led to a generation who spends before earning. While making sense for once-offs (single payments with a definite deadline, slightly before the payer is guaranteed to have enough), a more common practice is to use these cards to buy everything in advance. For some reason, Credit is often treated as 'free money' - a card with $5000 limit is seen as free $5000 that can be spent at will. Never mind the ludicrously high interest rate (15…


Do you follow this religion? - Followers meet up often, many groups who follow it meet once per week, usually Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Devotees sometimes confirm their faith before sleeping each night. Friends can meet for whole weekends, wanting to practise this religion. It has spawned many songs, even dances. If your parents follow it, you're more likely to. When it's introduced into new cultures, it's believed to usually have a negative impact, and sometimes warps the minds of younger followers until they're fanatic believers.
No, this isn't Christianity, or any standard belief system. It's followers are also more likely to crash a car, smoke, and take illegal drugs. It's often tied to aggressive behaviour, mindless behaviour, loss of control, yet it's still widely popular.
Welcome to being drunk, the new religion. It's your choice to believe, just don't try to convert me.


Originally, I was skeptical about cameras in phones. Now I'm still skeptical, just slightly less:

Hilton Sydney does everything, even swipe-card instructions

From the same elevator, but a much nicer usage of physics

Big Brother game - each word is an anagram of the one above, plus one letter, apparently....

Look familiar? 'tis Adelaide Uni's unique seating arrangements

Finally, can you guess the animal? "Cute" doesn't count