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More Stuff

Sorry I couldn't think up a nice blog's late and I've had a lot of caffeine...
Why am I staying up? Well, there's a programming contest tonight {actually...2am tomorrow morning}, with money as prizes, so I figured I'd stay up. While biding my time until then, and watching the winter olympics, I figured I should add to the ideas I said I'd post before. Here's two more:
0) Callable contacts list (CCL): This idea occurred earlier today when I forgot my phone when going into town. Simple really - you set up a contact list online, which stores the numbers that you have on your phone (name-number pairs). If you find yourself without your phone, you can still call people, by calling the CCL number, selecting which of your contacts you want to call {by using the standard 0-9*#, buttons}, and you get redirected through to them, for a small fee.
1) Cigarette Buy-back scheme: The major problem with smoking is all the health problems you can get - another prob…

Music Awards

Australia won a winter olympics gold! yaaay! What's more, it's by a good-looking, quiet-spoken IT millionare :D
Due to the recent award ceremonies around the globe, I've decided to add to my list of once-off awards, by adding some musical ones:

Complete-Ripoff Award for abuse of reusing other people's tunes:
Rogue Traders (Vodoo Child, taking from Pump It Up) tied with...
Rogue Traders (Watching You, taking from My Sharona)
I'm-Sure-I've-Heard-That-Before Award for abuse of musical technique:
Advertising Space (Robbie Williams - enough of the falling bass already!) tied with...
James Blunt (any song... - please, try to throw in a chord other than 1,2,4,5,6)
Play-It-Again-Sam Award for blatant, pointless lyric repetition:
Goodbye My Lover (James Blunt - "I'm so hollow, I'm so hollow, I'm so.." - ALRIGHT we get it)
All These Things That I've Done (The Killers - "I've got a soul but I'm not a soldier" ... no, repeating a fortune-…

TCO Design + why I don't follow a religion

Firstly, I've been rather busy recently, working on Java designs for the 2006 TopCoder Open, which runs for 5 weeks and finishes two thursdays from now. Turns out last week I my design won it's component, so the 10 points helps push me higher on the scoreboard, as well as earning a nice reward for my efforts :) Two more weeks of work, then a week of waiting and results should be out :D
Second - recently there has been much turmoil and debate overseas over the publishing of certain cartoons, and the response that they brought. Ok, here's my reasoning: (the numbers are approximations, but the maths is still the same):
There are 6 billion people in the world. Of all the belief systems, the one with the most followrs has 1 billion or so. This means that at least FIVE BILLION people believe in the wrong explanation for a pretty fundamental thing, which makes religion seem like the biggest con ever. Sure, you can believe what you want, but it makes no sense to force it on others, …

Hard working pollies (sounds like rap)

Just thought I'd share with you the first ever winner of the "Grab a calculator" award: Recently in the mail I received a letter from a local MP (Isobel Redmond, for those curious) which contained the following:
"It is certainly true that parliament usually only site for about 80 days each year. But even as a backbencher parliamentary sittings onlr represented about 30% of my job - ....... - add to that four Shadow Portfolios ... and the parliamentary sittings are probably only around 20% of my job, possibly less"
Ok, so not only does it contitute both 20% AND 30% of her job simultaneously, I guess in a state of quantum uncertainty, but assuming that the 80 days are full days of work, then she works for 400 days a year, 'possibly'! Wow, that's some hard working politician - I want access to their time machine :)
Back to work for me (TCO component design...), it's coming along ok, and the other news is that I've uploaded another song (heroes) an…