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Sorry I couldn't think up a nice blog's late and I've had a lot of caffeine...
Why am I staying up? Well, there's a programming contest tonight {actually...2am tomorrow morning}, with money as prizes, so I figured I'd stay up. While biding my time until then, and watching the winter olympics, I figured I should add to the ideas I said I'd post before. Here's two more:
0) Callable contacts list (CCL): This idea occurred earlier today when I forgot my phone when going into town. Simple really - you set up a contact list online, which stores the numbers that you have on your phone (name-number pairs). If you find yourself without your phone, you can still call people, by calling the CCL number, selecting which of your contacts you want to call {by using the standard 0-9*#, buttons}, and you get redirected through to them, for a small fee.
1) Cigarette Buy-back scheme: The major problem with smoking is all the health problems you can get - another problem with smoking though is cost, esp. as many smokers come from a lower socio-economic backround. So, rather than make prices increasingly higher (the current strategy) another possibility is to, like plastic bags and guns, have some sort of buy-back scheme to help people reduce their usage, while not forcing them to go cold turkey. I'm unclear of the underlying rules (i.e. how to ensure they're returning unused goods) but it'd provide a way for people who need the money to get some back, as well as incentives not to smoke a whole pack.
Anyway, back to programming - design is dues Thurs, after that the comp is over and it's a weeks' wait for results - wish me luck!


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