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Some of you may have noticed that blogwatcher doesn't like title-less blog posts :p
So, in trying to implement a fix, I needed a post without a title to test on - that's what this is for ;)
I'll fill it with some other random stuff though, like:
1) XMI design done :D was happy with this one, just gotta hope noone else submits
2) Cat Empire concert tonight! They should be good live, thanks to my aunt for the ticket
3) The Ashes are coming to Adelaide! I'll be going later hopefully, but can't be there tomorrow because...
4) HD for maths subject but 84 for my computer science one :S - i was going in on 30% already from pracs, so need to check at exam viewing tomorrow to see what went wrong. tis my first D :p
hopefully the title-less blog post will be fixed, until then, PatTag is available for those who want it - there's even an rss feed so you can add your tag to your normal blogwatcher listing :)
Song of the moment: Tears (Rush / Dream Theater)

Edit: ok, looks like it wo…

3 - It's a magic Number

The TCCC is over and results are in - 3rd! :D
Nicka81, who everyone thought would come 1st, did in each of the 3 components - maone then came 2nd in each (just passing me in appeals for the 3rd) and then I came 5th-3rd-3rd, enough to put me 3rd overall! However, as expected, the actual contest part was a bit of an anticlimax, most of the fun comes from meeting all the other coders who, until now, I've only known by their tiny little member photos. San Diego itself was ok, a bit foggy & rainy, but I imagine during summer it would be a nice place. Especially if there's a programming contest on ;)
This is just a quick message to say thanks for the birthday wishes, hope exams went well for all, my 'supps' are in 2 weeks :p - oh, and Pat Tag is being upgraded, you may have to post comments instead until it is finished, but you can watch the progress on the right =)

Off to the land of the terminator

I'm off! To San Diego, 14th->20th Novemeber. Two of those days will be spent flying in the air :S
However, I don't mind flights too much - I can sleep, and now I even got myself some noise-cancelling headphones to help out :p
For those interested, the site for the contest is:
and general news may appear frequently at TopCoder's home site:
And there'll be a live telecast of the last day of competition! (though, probably at 3am or so here)
While I'm gone - best of luck to everyone with exams/essays left, enjoy the post-exam freedom, good luck with soccer on sunday, etc...! Not sure how much time or availability I'll have over there.
A few thoughts to leave you with, that have stumped me
1) When Nappy companies claim that their new products are more comfortable than their last...*how do they know*?? Are there professional nappy testers?
2) Are interest rate …


Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot.
And today's date is....November 5! 401 years ago, Guy Fawkes attempted to carry out the Gunpowder plot. To celebrate the occasion, time to blow stuff up!...or maybe watch V for Vendetta, I think I'll go with the latter. Again, good luck to all those with exams / essays in the upcoming week - the most recent week of designs is out, so I'll be disappearing again until next friday, enjoy! 3 months of 'holidays' are coming soon...