Some of you may have noticed that blogwatcher doesn't like title-less blog posts :p
So, in trying to implement a fix, I needed a post without a title to test on - that's what this is for ;)
I'll fill it with some other random stuff though, like:
1) XMI design done :D was happy with this one, just gotta hope noone else submits
2) Cat Empire concert tonight! They should be good live, thanks to my aunt for the ticket
3) The Ashes are coming to Adelaide! I'll be going later hopefully, but can't be there tomorrow because...
4) HD for maths subject but 84 for my computer science one :S - i was going in on 30% already from pracs, so need to check at exam viewing tomorrow to see what went wrong. tis my first D :p
hopefully the title-less blog post will be fixed, until then, PatTag is available for those who want it - there's even an rss feed so you can add your tag to your normal blogwatcher listing :)
Song of the moment: Tears (Rush / Dream Theater)

Edit: ok, looks like it worked :D - please tag if you find the change has caused any bugs I havent' found. Oh, and I forgot to add - I suggest you don't ever uninstall all your graphics card drivers. I did this accidentally yesterday when trying to watch TV on my laptop. Lets just say it took 50 mins of surfing the net in 640 x 480 x 8bit resolution to find the right replacements to install. fun fun fun. And I thought 1024x768 was small...


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