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Falling for Iguazu

It was about a month ago that I returned from a two-week vacation to Antarctica with 4 friends from work. I know I said I'd write that up (and I still will!) but to but myself some more time, I thought I'd start with a summary of the first part, Argentina.After checking in early, we managed to enjoy premium economy seats on the way over (ah, comfortable qantas) and in no time I was practicing the very few words of Spanish that I know. Si! Buenos Aires had a definite South American feel to it - football-crazy, lots of open market-like shops, vivid signage, spatterings of park greenery, busy streets - I think it reminded me most of Athens, perhaps a Mediterranean thing. There were also an amazing number of French cars, don't ask me why... Buenos Aires included the famous La Recoleta Cemetery and, on the way back, a visit to the colourful La Boca district. Here I encountered probably the most impressive guitarist statue I have seen:Then, for two days in the middle, we visited…