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Another day at the office...

Ok, firstly:I was not responsible for Gmail going down worldwide
I was also nowhere near Castlereagh street when it started falling apartJust thought I'd clear those two up :)

Thanks to everyone who's emailed/chatted/sms'd/commented/facebooked etc. to me over the last few weeks! I apologise if I've been slow replying, things are still a bit busy around here but thankfully that's starting to ease.
So much so that I even made Jam scones and pancakes last sunday:
As you can see, unfortunately I only realised after making the batter that the frypan wasn't non-stick, so instead had to improvise a bit with a pan.

But the food here is certainly going well - lunch at Google monday to friday, and dinner around town or in my large kitchen. All I need now is some sort of exercise or I might come back from sydney a bit bigger :(

It must be said, the sydney-cbd lifestyle certainly does take a bit of adjusting too. If I had to sum it up in one word, I'd say: corporate. People …

The new place

Ok, so here goes, a brief pictorial overview of my situation in Sydney, starting with my new place (appearing mood-lit at night). My place is the window above the one with the light on:Next up is the view from the kitchen window. Just to the right of centre in the picture you can see Sydney's centrepoint tower, and between here and there is trees:
From the back balcony, you can see a local golf-course. There is also a nice view out my bedroom window...I'm not sure what town that is, but again, lots of green in the view:
Next up is where I'm working - the Google office I'm in is 11 floors up in this building, on the corner of Market st and Sussex st. Right now, I also sit at a desk right at the corner of the two side visible in this shot, so I get a pretty good view:
As it happens, just to the right of my screen, I can see pretty much this (just a bit smaller due to being 11 floors in the air...) - which happens to be the sydney aquarium to the right, the national maritime…

It's back!

After a long thesis-finishing hiatus, including a relocation to NSW, the codemonkey blog is back!

Now that I have net access, and am starting to settle down into the working-life routine, I hope to keep this updated with what's happening here in sydneyland. Stay tuned!