Another day at the office...

Ok, firstly: Just thought I'd clear those two up :)

Thanks to everyone who's emailed/chatted/sms'd/commented/facebooked etc. to me over the last few weeks! I apologise if I've been slow replying, things are still a bit bu
sy around here but thankfully that's starting to ease.
So much so that I even made Jam scones and pancakes last sunday:
As you can see, unfortunately I only realised after making the batter that the frypan wasn't non-stick, so instead had to improvise a bit with a pan.

But the food here is certainly going well - lunch at Google monday to friday, and dinner around town or in my large kitchen. All I need now is some sort of exercise or I might come back from sydney a bit bigger :(

It must be said, the sydney-cbd lifestyle certainly does take a bit of adjusting too. If I had to sum it up in one word, I'd say: corporate. People in suits everywhere - some days I walk into work goi
ng down Martin Place, and it's amazing the number of office workers in suits that continually are commuting up and down there (I haven't yet stood outside the seven office and looked in to see Kochie just yet though...). To see the big head offices of so many large businesses is kinda cool - some are styled in a really old-fashioned way, probably because the buildings have been there for ages (it's amusing to see the old sandstone banks just like they appear in movies), but more impressive are the new ones - especially fashion places (e.g. Prada, Armani) and also Apple: Another thing I learned quickly was that Sydney drivers like using their horns (a LOT - I was honked at twice at an intersection while the light was red, simply because the driver behind me wanted to turn left on a green left-turn arrow while I was going straight...) and that pedestrian crossing lights are completely superfluous - the average commuter won't pay any attention to them at all, and simply cross when there's no cars close by (or even when they are close by, in some cases).

Finally, I have to say that I'm rather glad I'm working where I am. Despite the number of people who come to work at 11am and seem to not leave until 11pm or even 1am, it's amazing
to come to work and feel like you're seeing the future of the internet - not only all these things about how the world is operating (e.g. search query statistics, how maps or gmail work) but also what it could be like in a few weeks or months time, chatting to people about future Google projects that haven't yet made it into the public, or in some cases, haven't even made it to more than one or two googlers yet. It's also nice to know that, if you do improve something, then based on the number of google users, whatever you do will (hopefully) be of some use - albeit also picked apart and commented about on blogs, but hey, hopefully they say nice stuff. Then there's also stuff like this:


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