The new place

Ok, so here goes, a brief pictorial overview of my situation in Sydney, starting with my new place (appearing mood-lit at night). My place is the window above the one with the light on:Next up is the view from the kitchen window. Just to the right of centre in the picture you can see Sydney's centrepoint tower, and between here and there is trees:
From the back balcony, you can see a local golf-course. There is also a nice view out my bedroom window...I'm not sure what town that is, but again, lots of green in the view:
Next up is where I'm working - the Google office I'm in is 11 floors up in this building, on the corner of Market st and Sussex st. Right now, I also sit at a desk right at the corner of the two side visible in this shot, so I get a pretty good view:
As it happens, just to the right of my screen, I can see pretty much this (just a bit smaller due to being 11 floors in the air...) - which happens to be the sydney aquarium to the right, the national maritime museum on the left, and some of its fancy boats in the middle, parked in Darling Harbour:
As I said, I'm on the corner of the office for now, so if I stand up and crane my neck a bit, I can look down to also see something like this - more of darling harbour:
I should add, on my first few days I was staying at a motel in Randwick, and as all the realestate agencies were closed on Australia day, I decided to take a walk - I think this one is Gordon's bay:
And this, of course, is Bondi! It was a bit overcast that day, but at least there were no sharks...:
That's it for the picture guide, but expect more info to come soon!


  1. Yay Pat!
    It's great to see all of these things. It looks like you've really got it made over there in Sydney.
    And I don't think your tagboard works (for long?). Well yeah I wouldn't want to distract you from the awesome scenery right next to this screen for too long :) We all miss you over here.

  2. Thanks Ed!
    Yeah, tagboard seems to have been broken for aaages, not sure I can be bothered fixing it though (maybe eventually...)

    Have you still been quizzing back in Adelaide? I hope it's going Crumpilicious. I certainly miss everyone back in Adelaide, stay tuned for another update soon!


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