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I've realised that I've never actually said exactly what I'm doing here in Sydney, so thought I'd spend a few blog updates explaining it. So far, I've probably explained to the point of "I work for Google, coding for Google Wave", time to elaborate. Since I've started, my job in the team comprises mainly of two sections - Client and Editor - so I'll describe them both, starting this post with Client.
What is a Client? In the Wave world, a 'Wave client' is something you use to view waves. For example, if you use Outlook or Gmail to view emails, these are both mail clients. As Google develops Google Wave, with it we have which, if you have an account, you can visit to log in and view/edit all you waves. This is our wave client - a website that shows waves.
What is involved in making the Google web client? Websites are becoming more and more complex these days, building of a number of technologies - in particular: - HTML is a langu…