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Ok, so I've just officially passed Uni, only getting under an HD in one subject throughout the last 3 years (missed by one single solitary percent in 2nd year computer systems. Oh how it mocks me), admittedly putting not much effort into most subjects or even attending more than about 10hrs per week, so now I figure it's time to put some of this knowledge of the last three or so years to good use.
Starting with this summer - I have to do an internship at SAAB systems (army stuff, not car stuff) for the next 3 months. While the coding is boring, the 1-hr commute twice a day is a pain, and being stuck 30mins from anywhere for 40hrs a week is inconvenient, it's ok - the ppl are nice (mostly, even if my supervisor doesn't thinks I'm a bit of a slow worker :S), there's free diet coke, and the work is pretty easy so no pressure. I guess it's something for the resume, if little else.
It's just weird, having so much stuff I want to do, but never enough time to do…