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Details, part 2

Editing As promised, this is part 2 of the details of what I do at Google, on Wave - and that is working on the editor.That is, the part that you type in / interact with when you're entering information on the page. When you compose an email, you're using an editor, when you modify a Word Document or write an SMS, you're using an editor. Likewise, when you create a wave and start typing, you're using an editor I help write (there are a few of us who work on it). So, what does someone working on the editor actually do?
Editing concern #1: Features Wave uses a rich-text editor, which means we support font styles (e.g. bold, italic, coloured, sized, ..) plus allowing links, indentation, bullets, videos, images, ...etc. There are a few missing (tables, numbered lists, ...) so one thing we do is keep adding features as the are needed or seem useful.
Editing concern #2: Usability Which leads nicely to another big part, getting the editor to work how people think it will. A simple…