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Recently, I've decided to upgrade my old Squier Strat for a 7-string Ibanez 7321. The strat is about 4 years old, so decided to give it a clean, which included a complete restring.

Now, a bit more background - I'm an avid Guitar Hero player, quite good, but can't really bring myself to play it often enough to be among the top league of players. Plus, it's not really very popular here in Aus, so while I've won beer and an IPod from T, I doubt i'd be able to earn much more. It's still fun though, so I figured I'd use the opportunity to learn a new skill - ambidexterity. You see, there's this option to play 'lefty-flipped' = everything reversed, where you strum with your left hand, and fret with your right.

I'd never noticed until I tried, how hard it was at first. You see, while it was easy to think what you should do, muscle memory inevitable took over. When playing normally, you always fret (left-hand) slightly before strumming (right-han…


So, happy September everyone! The following is the usage stats of my site for August, each bar representing how much data was downloaded from it per day by visitors:
The lowest horizontal (i.e. about day 1's total) is roughly 80Mb/day, which I used to be happy to hit - that translated into about 50-75 listens per day on mp3 sites. Then it kinda slowed down, and I thought I was in for a slow month...then August 24 happened, and BOOM. I mean, some rise was to be expected due to the end of the Olympics, especially as my listeners mostly seem to come via a chinese-language site, but still - almost 250Mb/day. Strangely, the # listens doesn't seem to gave grown much, people are just listening to songs for longer it seems. I've also had a number of odd referrers (= sites people get to mine from) include a few spam, one that looks like a ringtone site, and another apparently from ninemsn :S Maybe it was after the 20th = Pegasi's first gig, but either way, hopefully it'll ke…