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Ok, so now I'm sort of on holidays, I thought i'd update with a pictorial blog. Just to kill time while watching 5 series of 24 :p - here's a few annotated screen shots of AOE3:
"But not this day, this day, we fight! I bid you stand; MEN. OF. MIDDLE-EARTH...oi, where are you three going?"

The spanish armies were shocked as a being from another planet arrived on a meteor...

The explorer wondered the true effectiveness of their wall in keeping people out.

Boo! ok, there is no real caption for this, I just really like the picture.

I'm a lumberjack and I'm, what do I do with this HUGE saw.
The sermon on the the middle of the US. Maybe those Mormons are onto something....

Merry Christmas!!

^^ see title ^^
tis a pity xmas tv is so least the cricket is on soon :)
Did you know...the average US citizen now spends more than they earn? *sigh*
funfunfun, only a week left of 2006

Back from ACT

Those who have read this for a year ... should find somethign better to do!
Anyway, you might remember from a year ago when I last came back from tutoring at one of these informatics training camps, that I was full of praise for the people who attended - fortunately, this year was no exception, and even surpassed my expectations. Seriously, spending 10 days with the type of people who are at that camp {both students and staff} is always a good way to spend time - despite the much lower average age, the conversations seem interesting, there is very little anger and plenty of respect for eachother. Then coming back to the rest of the world...lets just say, it's a pity the 10 days couldn't have been longer, and it doesn't look like I'll be tutoring again until next december either :(
On other things - Australia have the ashes back, and my TC rating is improving again :D - Xmas is here for another few days, but will still probably be designing for much of the time until tues…

State of mind

Supp exams over! {seemed to go ok, not sure when results are out}
During which I also got two weeks of designing done - 1st in week 1, then the only submitter in week 2 so if I pass, another guarenteed 1st. Nice $$, and it improves my Las Vegas chances :)
However, for the next 10 days, I'll be in ACT tutoring ppl programming, so probably won't update or be on MSN much over the next while {email or phone still ok if contact is needed}
Enjoy the next week, survive the heat / onslaught of christmas carols, and see you soon!


Looks like empty tags work in blogwatcher (...finally :p)
Anyway, a few things google-related happened this week:
1) When looking up words containing 'pat' (like..PAThetic) I noticed that 'patness' was a word. Cool. Then to find what it meant I typed it into google, and got this. First thing of note is that 'patness' is *nowhere near* 'features', no idea how it's matching...second is the coincidence - the first result for patness is from "Jenkins online", at the url of "stupidevilbastard" :p
2) Just when I was thinking google suggestors may be taking the day off, I was asked who the director of crouching tiger hidden dragon was. I thought it was Ang Lee, but just to check, I searched google. To my suprise, the first result wasn't a real page link, but actually the answer to my question, with references for proof. I can't get it to work for acting cast or any part of the crew, but still, tis impressive.
3) Went into town to lo…