Looks like empty tags work in blogwatcher (...finally :p)
Anyway, a few things google-related happened this week:
1) When looking up words containing 'pat' (like..PAThetic) I noticed that 'patness' was a word. Cool. Then to find what it meant I typed it into google, and got this. First thing of note is that 'patness' is *nowhere near* 'features', no idea how it's matching...second is the coincidence - the first result for patness is from "Jenkins online", at the url of "stupidevilbastard" :p
2) Just when I was thinking google suggestors may be taking the day off, I was asked who the director of crouching tiger hidden dragon was. I thought it was Ang Lee, but just to check, I searched google. To my suprise, the first result wasn't a real page link, but actually the answer to my question, with references for proof. I can't get it to work for acting cast or any part of the crew, but still, tis impressive.
3) Went into town to look at why i got 84% for one subject - turns out I wrote code that did something in different way to their (what I would call not-as-good) reference solution, so they took 5% off, including correcting one line with code that did literally exactly the same thing. Hopefully it'll be fixed...anyway, leaving borders, people starting pointing at me, talking about my shirt, and saying they wanted a google shirt. very odd....
Cat Empire concert was great! Vocals were excellent, I was a bit worried at the start that it'd be full of loud trumpet solos, but then some good Indian Sitar guy came on and did a long solo in the middle of what sounded like an old-school jive piece, was my guitar fix for the night. Less than a week now until exams are finally over! :D


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