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Project cutting floor

One class this semester is mostly aimed at coming up with ideas for what to study as a graduate student (not surprising, being a 4th year subject in a major that aims at getting people into grad school). I'm lucky enough to be in a position where I already have a project lined up for summer, but it was interesting instead using the time to come up with alternatives, and then try to convince myself they were worth discarding. Or at least...putting off until later. Hence this list, using a blog as my external memory of interesting things, so I can look back later and see if I was stupid or if any turn out to be interesting. Split roughly by subject, from the more abstract/philosophical to the concrete/engineering:
Philosophy:  1) For everything (possibly?) true, can it be thought? 2) For everything thought, can it be communicated? Consider this the philosophical version of the Incompleteness theorem (maths), or the Uncertainty principle (physics) or the Halting problem (comp sci). The…