Kindling: Book review posts

It turns out that online coverage is a good source for content recommendations: a bunch of my music, film and book purchase have come from finding reviews online from people interest in stuff I find interesting. To aide with this for others, I started writing up analysis of some of the books I was reading myself, and plan to continue doing this. The posts in the series are all called 'Kinding' along with their number - or see below to summarize what they cover, along with a link to each.

  • Kindling #1 (the original)
    • Ender's Game, Slaughterhouse Five, Micro, 1984, Curse of the Spellmans, Blue Monday
  • Kindling #2
    • Berlin Noir, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Damned, 11/22/63, The Games, 1Q84
  • Kindling #3
    • Dark Places, Endgame: The Calling, Thief of Time, The Gemini Effect, The Buried Giant, Revival, In Cold Blood
  • Kindling #4
    • Catch-22, Armada, The Martian, Walden Two, The Brothers Karamazov, The Three-Body Problem


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