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Time's a curious thing

Ever look back on yourself five years ago and think how silly you were back then?
Whether it's a memory of screwing up a question at a quiz night, or finding a guitar song easy that I remember having trouble with, or looking back at old forum posts thinking "uhh...I actually said that? What a fool!", it's amazing to think of the changes over the last five years. And even more scary, wondering whether, five years (and probably 4 blog posts) from now, I'll think the same thing looking back '08. If so, I'll be one odd fellow in '13.

Anyhow, onto non-me topic: Time.

I'm not sure whether I've written it here before, but it is still my idea that, as we are all still here, if time travel were possible, it'd only be used by socities who can utilise it safely without any paradoxical activities. This also means that they don't travel to any societites for which this is not the case - including us. And as it seems to me we're a long way from ma…