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Amazing news in from Microsoft:
That's right, a P2P chat application with NO code written by the user at all. I was struck by two thoughts - (a) Is Microsoft just telling a big fib, and (b) is it a good thing that P2P apps can be written with no code? Having recently downloaded the NetBeans 6.1 Beta IDE to help with some Java GUI, I decided to test this channeling the reviewing style of Jeremy Clarkson and simile generation of Zero Punctuation, welcome to my first ever IDE roadtest:

Can NetBeans create a code-less P2P app?
Armed with only NetBeans 6.1 Beta, a little plastic ball of mouse in my right hand I can start this java experiment ‐ while my left hand is free to go off and make itself some coffee, play golf with Donald Trump, or really do whatever it wants now that it's not required to write any code. I foresee it could soon become quite the socialite.

The first step is upgrading my old NetBeans 6.0 to the new 6.1 version. Unfortunately, 'upgrade' here is a …


Random update....
My indoor team The Blues (now Team Judas) just won our division indoor grand final, in sudden death extra time :)
Twas much fun, and now we have 570ml glass steins :)

Anyway, I shall have an update soon for the net-beans blogging contest, but until then, here's some awards:

Maths lecture quote of the week - split between:
"Let a and b be in A"
"F is algebraically closed if F is algebraically closed over F"
"It shouldn't surprise you that the number 2 features prominently in this, as there are circles happening"F1 commentary quote of the week:
"You can see the tyre mark there on the top of the wing"Randomly overheard quote of the week:
"So that's when I decided to never again wear a backless dress cut that low"SMS of the week:"Hey Pat, do you have Andrew's number? My phone fell into a toilet"
Reaction of the week:
"aaaaaaaahahahahahaaLOOKheheheheIT'S LEGShahahahahahahahaARE TINYaaahahahahahaha&q…