Random update....
My indoor team The Blues (now Team Judas) just won our division indoor grand final, in sudden death extra time :)
Twas much fun, and now we have 570ml glass steins :)

Anyway, I shall have an update soon for the net-beans blogging contest, but until then, here's some awards:

Maths lecture quote of the week - split between:
"Let a and b be in A"
"F is algebraically closed if F is algebraically closed over F"
"It shouldn't surprise you that the number 2 features prominently in this, as there are circles happening"
F1 commentary quote of the week:
"You can see the tyre mark there on the top of the wing"
Randomly overheard quote of the week:
"So that's when I decided to never again wear a backless dress cut that low"
SMS of the week:
"Hey Pat, do you have Andrew's number? My phone fell into a toilet"
Reaction of the week:
"aaaaaaaahahahahahaaLOOKheheheheIT'S LEGShahahahahahahahaARE TINYaaahahahahahaha"
And that's it for now until the netbeans blog. There's also a Guitar Hero contest at uni soon (fingers crossed) and some of my songs now have bass parts and getting very close to recording, so stay tuned!
P.S. I shall be out of SA from 14th - 24th of april, but in sydney so should usually be in Email+Phone contact.


  1. lol @ overheard quote. Don't you wish you heard more of that story


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