TCO Design + why I don't follow a religion

Firstly, I've been rather busy recently, working on Java designs for the 2006 TopCoder Open, which runs for 5 weeks and finishes two thursdays from now. Turns out last week I my design won it's component, so the 10 points helps push me higher on the scoreboard, as well as earning a nice reward for my efforts :) Two more weeks of work, then a week of waiting and results should be out :D
Second - recently there has been much turmoil and debate overseas over the publishing of certain cartoons, and the response that they brought. Ok, here's my reasoning: (the numbers are approximations, but the maths is still the same):
There are 6 billion people in the world. Of all the belief systems, the one with the most followrs has 1 billion or so. This means that at least FIVE BILLION people believe in the wrong explanation for a pretty fundamental thing, which makes religion seem like the biggest con ever. Sure, you can believe what you want, but it makes no sense to force it on others, because chances are you're wrong ;)
On a happier note, writing problems for use in the AIIO (Australian Invitational Informatics Exam) was a cool experience. The AIIO is held soon, good luck to those people competing in it! (I hope my questions weren't too hard :p)


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