Hard working pollies (sounds like rap)

Just thought I'd share with you the first ever winner of the "Grab a calculator" award: Recently in the mail I received a letter from a local MP (Isobel Redmond, for those curious) which contained the following:
"It is certainly true that parliament usually only site for about 80 days each year. But even as a backbencher parliamentary sittings onlr represented about 30% of my job - ....... - add to that four Shadow Portfolios ... and the parliamentary sittings are probably only around 20% of my job, possibly less"
Ok, so not only does it contitute both 20% AND 30% of her job simultaneously, I guess in a state of quantum uncertainty, but assuming that the 80 days are full days of work, then she works for 400 days a year, 'possibly'! Wow, that's some hard working politician - I want access to their time machine :)
Back to work for me (TCO component design...), it's coming along ok, and the other news is that I've uploaded another song (heroes) and some lyrics that I'm hoping for some feedback on: Sounds Like Rap. Ooh, plus the lemonade site is looking nicer, as well as the fact that Blog Watcher has now passed 1500 page loads :) Enjoy!


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