Music Awards

Australia won a winter olympics gold! yaaay! What's more, it's by a good-looking, quiet-spoken IT millionare :D
Due to the recent award ceremonies around the globe, I've decided to add to my list of once-off awards, by adding some musical ones:

Complete-Ripoff Award for abuse of reusing other people's tunes:
Rogue Traders (Vodoo Child, taking from Pump It Up) tied with...
Rogue Traders (Watching You, taking from My Sharona)
I'm-Sure-I've-Heard-That-Before Award for abuse of musical technique:
Advertising Space (Robbie Williams - enough of the falling bass already!) tied with...
James Blunt (any song... - please, try to throw in a chord other than 1,2,4,5,6)
Play-It-Again-Sam Award for blatant, pointless lyric repetition:
Goodbye My Lover (James Blunt - "I'm so hollow, I'm so hollow, I'm so.." - ALRIGHT we get it)
All These Things That I've Done (The Killers - "I've got a soul but I'm not a soldier" ... no, repeating a fortune-cookie-esque sentence doesn't mask a gap in the song)
Tea-he-he Award for cheeky lyrics:
Addicted (Simple Plan: "I'm adic...I'm addicted to you")
Things I'll Never Say (Avril Lavigne: "I want to blow you / away, be with you every night"

That's all for now, there may be more in the year as more bad songs come out to irk me :P
Oh, and until next time...
[edit: The Blog Watcher page has now been loaded over 2000 times :D - MANY thanks to the people clicking the ads - I'm now up to $1.50 US and accumulating quickly. As thanks, after next thursday I'll be starting work on the next update :) - oh, and my chances of getting into the top 8 for design have greatly dropped..I'm currently 8th, but that probably won't last. I'll need to come 1st, or if I get really lucky can get away with 2nd in my component this week, though that's not likely]


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