Rent-a-monkey-guitarist is operational!

As the title suggests, the rent-a-monkey-guitarist business is operational, with phase 1 complete.
I call this phase: "Commitment Bells", cos that's the song that was recodered ;)
Anyway, to those who requested it (and anyone else interested), its up at my soundclick site. Link on the right -->
However, looks like Soundclick is going to start making you pay for cover versions, so might have to find a new hosting place soon....
In programming news, week 2 of the TopCoder CDDC is over, and I actually managed to submit this week...only thing is, so did 4 others for the component i was working on. One of those is highly rated, and the other 3 are all first-timers, so it should be interesting...tune in next week for the results. Until then, there's week 3 work to think about. There's one really good designer, and noone has submitted the same component he's worked on yet, so maybe I'll try that in an effort to get a near-guarenteed 2nd place...hey, it's worth the $400 :) With the shorter competitions, i've placed in the top 3 in my room and top 50 overall for the last 4 in a row, so now rated 1956 and ranked 154th in the world...lets hope this streak continues in the next match where there's money on offer :p
All this work means hardly any free time, but will still hopefully manage to catch up with people over the holidays.
Until then, it's more work programming (i'm not sure what's wrong with the link above...seems to be working ok for me & some others...). Today, it's not code i leave you with, but a picture:
one of the artists for the pool game has done some excellent work on the logo, check it out here


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