Today Tonight Delight

looks like my vow to post a better summary won't be followed up, sorry - needless to say, it was fun, but *very* busy, and for most, I feel hearing about me hitting a keyboard won't be all that interesting ;)
Anyhow, I'm taking this opportunity to call Today Tonight out on one of its (many) bad stories, not only was this not news-worthy, it was a shameless self-promotion, and a good example why I don't watch it - except when someone says: "look at this stupid story", which is how I found myself watching it today.
To set the scene, TT were reporting on their wonderful 10c-per-litre discount they gave in conjunction with a two local petrol stations (i.e. not run by the "Big Corporations" - like Shell, BP, Mobil...). As it happens, TT advertised this fact on their show earlier last week, to make sure many people turned up to take advantage of the offers. Many people did (of course they did, it's about a 9% saving!) which, apparently, shows how hard aussie battlers are doing it these days against Big Business (and not that people like a 9% saving, apparently...).
One of the drawbacks was that one of the two petrol stations chosen happened to be right near the airport, and the Ikea car park, which caused an even bigger traffic jam. What did TT have to say? "You didn't complain about Ikea, you can't complain about us!" ('no, we couldn't have chosen one of the many other petrol stations!') as well as "we heard no complaints from any of our customers!"...I'm guessing they're logic is that anyone held up going to the airport must also have stopped off for some fuel :S
Aaaaanyway, the last annoying bit is what footage they showed - people in their cars thanking TT for the discounts (but noone thanking the petrol station for their cooperation, funnily enough). One person was saying that their petrol is budgeted each week, so this made a big saving. How much of a saving, you may ask? If the average person bought 40 litres of petrol, that's a saving of a whopping...$4! If you have two cars, it doubles to the budget-saving $8 off! That's like...half a packet of cigarettes...Imagine if someone walked around randomly giving 1000ppl $4, would the recipients be saying "wow, thanks for that, I can sleep soundly now!"
And to finish off the maths, TT did a nice demonstration of how their pricing forced the Petrol Tycoons to drop their prices comparing the prices offered on friday afternoon (you know, the pre-weekend fueling craze time when prices are increased) to those of sunday night - which any unley soccer/netball player would know is not the busiest time of the week, and prices are naturally lower. Wonderful unbiased research :D
Oh, and to fit just one more bit of maths: 18,000 people per day have visited the new ikea since it opened...that's 1 in every 100 people in adelaide, PER DAY through their stores. Who would have known, the power of furniture and a little allen key :)


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