Tee Kay & the Teapot

For those who don't know (which included me until a week ago), there's a free web hosting place called Dot TK. The main difference between them and any other service is that they don't actually host anything, they just give you a free domain name that you can get to redirect to your other website (works with email redirection too :D ).
So, to cut a long story short, I've recently commandeered a .tk website for the blog service. Everything is now available through www.padster.tk which will hopefully be much easier to remember...however, to keep my ownership of that site, it has to be viewed a certain # times every month, so if possible I'd recommend using the .tk site instead of the webpal one, so that padster.tk can be kept. In addition, I will soon be updating that site (i'm thinking...procrastination time during exams), and you can also reach me at padster@padster.tk or even admin@padster.tk :)
[warning...pictures depicting 'cruelty' against a virtual bunny are shown below...rated PG]
To finish off tonight, i decided to be a bit different, and try my hand at a brief history of the strange things people like in computer graphics (CG), so first let me introduce you to THE teapot:
Famously, it was once claimed that the teapot was indeed the forgotten sixth platonic solid (can you spot it??):

Possibly the most famous image in CG, it was originally modelled by
Martin Newell, appears all over the place (even in the movie Toy Story) and it's whole history can be found here. The world is full of some strange stuff, I here you say...well, there's more!
Let me introduce you to one of the main contenders for the teapot's CG mantlepiece, the 'Standford Bunny'. Never fear, it also has it's page of history, which can be found here.
As the name suggests, it was first created at Stanford, using tricky scanning techniques to model from a physical 3D model bunny they had. Since then however, it'd had a bit of a rough treatment, including being smashed by a golf ball to demonstrate the fracturing of solids:

while another group thought it'd be nice to see what happens when bunnies melt:

Needless to say, the CG industry is a little strange at times. Other iconic images include Mandrills, Cows, Donuts, and the head (yes, just the head) of a Playboy centrefold. Why? don't ask me, but you can read more at this site. Enjoy!


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