Eye Spy

When one catches buses every day during school holidays, and sits near young children playing eye-spy as often as I have, eventually one picks up some interesting ways to play, including these two pearls:
  1. "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'l'"...-lots of incorrect guesses go here-..."We give up, what is it??"...."It's 'little'! My turn again". - Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but most people can't see sizes. Maybe this was some genetically engineered human superhero-vision that enabled her to see 'little', but if that was the case I would've thought she should be banned from playing due to an unfair advantage. Which makes me wonder...I wonder if Superman was the king of eye-spy when he was young....
  2. "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'H'"...-lots of incorrect guesses go here-..."We give up, what is it??"..."It's 'Hungry Jacks!"..."But, I can't see a hungry jacks!?"..."I could see it when we started!!!"..."Really, where? I didn't think we passed one"..."It was at that big intersection"..."That was KFC!"..."oh". - OK, maybe chosing something that you can't always see is withing the rules, but against the spirit of the game, yet misidentifying a KFC (i wonder what *that* starts with...) is a bit worrying, especially when it has a Huuuuge sign out the front :S The final 'oh' had very nice comic timing though :)
In other news, the final of the TCO is on right now - good luck to those competiting, esp. the only australian, JD. Unfortunately, it means one of my reviewers for a recent design project is busy competing instead, but that's ok cos I already found out I got >70, so came 1st (of 1, but don't say anything, shhh)
I know exams are coming up, but looking beyond that, a few holiday projects are coming up, including: Writing more music. I've found a lyric writer (Bodie, thanks v. much) who's bold enough to let me put their words to music, so have started writing some more. Exams last year was my most productive composing time, i'm hoping that's the same this year. Along with that, now that OpenGL is working in Java, i've been translating my OGL C++ 3D code into Java, so soon should be able to start making games...any suggestions? or even volunteers? :p
Not been sleeping much lately...last time that happened, I said something BIG would happen, and then won a trip to America...so, really,
with all the natural disasters occurring, I don't want to risk what it would be this time...
early morning is the best time of the day; Paddy over & out :)


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