And now for something completely different:
We bring you to the apartment of Rob Stongetti, a man who claims to have created the world's first good looking myspace profile. To tell us about his acheivement, we__

Hold on a second! That's not completely different.

I BEG your pardon?!

You just then said that something completely different would appear.

Yes? You've just witnessed a segue from a lady attacking a Starbucks with a novelty pencil, to you, a man with a command of web-page constitution, I'm sorry if my non-sequitur meter is broken.

Can't you see? Both plot the tale of an eccentric protagonist, relying on the viewer's humour to provide a strange commentary on modern day capitalsim....and neither featured a red porcupine named Roger.

...Who are you? The King of comparative literature?

*whooosh* DID SOMEONE CALL????

What noooooooow?

You shall bow in my presence, for I, Hunter Codswallop, am the King of comparative literature.

Oh my, I don't believe this. You can't be serious?

I'm as serious as that time in The Taming of The Shrew when__

Comparative Literature isn't a Monarchy, anyone can do it these days! You take an Orwellian masterpiece, the latest episode of Veronica Mars, and then claim the creators of both were fighting the world's oppression against left-handers.

I'm......I'm an oppressed left-hander. I've never confessed it before, but I first knew it at church one Sund'y when I was a lad, Father McKinnon showed me he was a left-hander. I've always tried to hide it by using my right, but I know I can't deny it for ever - I even vote for the left!

Thankyou for that....charming confession. And now for something completely different.

Not again...


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