The ascent of Clive

While I'm filling in time, I thought I'd update you on the adventures of Clive. Yes, I received another message today:
Good morning Helen, how's Clive? Big Hug and kiss to you both. Look after yourself. Love etty.
Despite the entertainment to be gained from etty and her friend Clive, I felt it best to reply that they had the wrong number. Which makes me wonder - how many SMSs get sent to the wrong person every day? I mean, if you call the wrong person, you know as soon as they pick it up. But with SMSs, you may never know....
Oooh, other good news is:
1) Final Goodbye is up to 784 in the charts. There must be some critical mass place, where if you rise above it people you don't know will listen to your song just because you're above the critical mass, yet I'm guessing the magic value is above 784. So, I'd better either publicise more :p, or actually finish it and get someone to sing. Any suggestions? Clive, perhaps?
2) I've got another job :) Coaching soccer at school, one night a week plus saturday. Should be interesting, I'm with the 9 Bs so at least it's not that serious.
Wow....semester over soon....someone should remind me to do work before exams, as you may have realised by now I'm rather talented at procrastination tactics :) nite!


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