Yay! Good to be back on successful terms in indoor soccer. After finding - to our suprise and delight - that the good team had departed from our division and left us as the top team, we managed to prove why by winning 14-0. So that was a good start to the weekend :) And then, to top it off, I was introduced to the Bodie Mansion, including his not-so-intelligent intelligenRobotic Vacuum cleaner Bob.
In coding news, the dates for two of the big competitions of the year have been announced. During exams, but hey, that means I have heaps of free time ;) Let's hope I don't stuff up as badly as last year....Also, on the todo list is a Padster TAG-board, so if/when that's up and running i'll add it to the side there -->
And after a bit of a lull in the music department, I've decided to add to the small selection by including in an instrumental cover - it's easier than writing a whole song, afterall :p. I'll be My Immortal (Evanescence) because it sounds good even without lyrics, but If anyone has requests you can put them in the comments and I'll see what I can do :). I call this service: rent-a-
[edit]Ooo, i forgot to add, I managed to kill a microphone and headphones, and stick the wires in the plugs together to make the frankenstein of headphone-microphone plugs, which can be used to redirect things like radio into my computer. Plus, I might be coming down with a cold. Can anyone spell Medical Supp? [/edit]
As June seems to be the lyric-blog-month, I'll add the bridge from Final Goodbye:
When you stand there / I swear / that I can’t tear my eyes / from that image of perfection.
When you walk away / I prey / you could stay / and not have to stray in another direction.


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