Pocket Aces?

Wow, my first ever poker tournament...
the nice people at www.pokerroom.com have free-roll tournaments, where bascially you start with nothing, and if you end up in the top 40 (of 2400) you win real money. So, over the last day I've been fine-tuning my probability-calculating skills, plus learning some strategies to read actions. So, here's a summary of what happened:
11.00pm: Game begins. I end up in the first hand with pair of kings after river, and win :) good start
11.21pm: after not much, hanging around the inital $1000, I get a pair of queens after the flop, and bet through to the river, $100 each time. One guy still with me, who thinks quite a bit then goes all in. I call his bluff, and double up
11.34pm: Tables get merged as people start bowing out. Still no good hands, but sitting next to 'KirkRiker'. Amazingly only 1000ppl left. This is supposed to take 4hrs, but seems like it might be faster this time. lets hope so
11:41pm: Sat around doing nothing, which includes throwing down bad hands that would have been triples...Blinds going up fast, now to 75-150, so time to bluff for small change
11:50pm: things still speeding up. got rid of one player KQ against 99, then lost AK vs QQ on river after flopping a K! But made up for it by bluffing for $500, then pocket kings to beat two and up to $5k...coming 160th/622 left
12:00pm: First scheduled 5-min break. So far, i'm at $4901, coming 186th/435. I'm happy :D lets see how things continue, with $150-$300 blinds.
12:24pm: still going strong, upped to $6k with a few strategic bluffs. Just laid down a 6 before 3 more came out, but hey, it would've been stupid not to fold. blinds 200-400, and i'm in bottom half, so gotta play a bit looser. Some people are up to $20k by now
12:34pm: well, it's over. had two higher cards, they had pair of 4s, so it was basically a 50-50, either double up or fall out, and the coin didn't land on my side. But hey, 204th aint bad for the first go, and the probabilities were good for each hand along the way, usually only losing when i had < 50% chance. But it was *fun* :)
I must thank Bodie for his music - It brings me good luck for some strange reason, even though I don't like any of it. They have three of these free-roll tournaments every day, so perhaps the music will get cranked out a few more times during the holidays ;)
Anyway, in other news, my 'cover' of Boulevard of Broken Dreams is up at my music site. You can actually play it along-side the real version, cos it's in the same key and the same timing. There's also a programming comp tonight, but it's at 3am and i've got an 18th tomorrow, so should probably get some rest now while i have the chance...


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