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Update! finally....yes, i've finally decided to take a break from my non-study to write some more in here...
Firstly, thanks to anyone who's been listening to my songs - 32 plays in two days :D - and now I have enough cables to do more things, e.g. record background midi percussion, i shuold be uploading a few more songs soon. Rent-a-monkey-guitarist is still operational, so please TAG away with song suggestions :)
Part from that, nothing much is happening...not doing much study, first exam is monday...before then is soccer playing (friday) and soccer coaching (saturday match), plus the big programming design competition starts two wednesdays from now, so will be rather busy then.
A small tip i have: children's quiz-shows these days lower your IQ when you watch them. It's not just the questions...one i was watching had a board, including arrows that pointed the way to go, yet the player *still* went 180 degrees the wrong way...one wonders what happens to these people when they grow up.
Something I was wondering recently was why do americans call 25c a 'quarter' but 10c a 'dime'...i would have thought that 'tenth', or even just 'ten' would be easier to comprehend...maybe it's just a love of the word 'quarter' (think: quarter-back, quarter-mile, and quarter-pounder)....
To leave, a very clever site, translating the web for us, is: http://www.rinkworks.com/dialect/
to get a demo of what it can do: This page in Cockney enjoy!


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